Google DoubleClick's Tool Chest Gets Filled With Creative Shortcuts

Google filled the DoubleClick chest with more tools Wednesday -- 13 new tools, to be exact. The goal to cut production tasks for advertisers can give them more time to spend on the creative work. For consumers, it's about providing useful information in the ads, rather than delivering noisy garbage.  

Advertisers focus on scaling campaigns across mobile, video and programmatic, but building a smart creative through tools in DoubleClick Creative Solutions remains critical to create a successful campaign. It means using data from a media buy to inform the creative and make it dynamic, explains Becky Chappell, product marketing manager for DoubleClick Creative Solutions.

The updates aim to help advertisers succeed in four key creative areas: Creative management tools support large-scale campaigns, Dynamic creative tools support programmatic media buys, HTML5 and in-app creative tools support mobile ad targeting, and In-stream video tools support video ad targeting.

As display campaigns continue to become more complex, creative agencies need tools that help designers quickly build ads for every requirement. Asset Library, now available in DoubleClick Studio, will soon roll out across the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform in the next couple of quarters. It can easily manage and update creatives, even in live campaigns, without re-trafficking them. 

Dynamic creative tools support programmatic media buys, allowing advertisers to use the audience data from their media buy to craft relevant ads per viewer. There also are dynamic creative bid management tools and tools that allow advertisers to build mobile-compatible ads in minutes, with 20 new HTML5 and in-app Studio Layouts. 

Building more custom HTML5 ads means that agencies can use Google Web Designer and then publish their ads in one click to DoubleClick Studio. It also supports HTML5 dynamic creative, so advertisers can ensure their real-time messages reach consumers where needed. 

There's also a tool to make television commercials work for digital media buys by building in interactivity. The in-stream video tools support video ad targeting. Marketers can serve the video ads alongside the rest of the digital campaign, so data and reporting are consolidated. This, along with support from these other tools, can lead to better campaign insights. The layout now allows advertisers to build interactive in-stream video ads (VPAID) by uploading the video asset and add interactive elements to create a complex ad unit in minutes.


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