Yahoo Positioned To Surpass Twitter In U.S. Mobile Market Share

Mobile continues to redefine how consumers interact with content and make purchases from their handheld devices. In fact, MarketLive estimates that revenue from retail sales on smartphones and tablets rose 141% during the period from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, which likely makes Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ecstatic.

Her mobile initiative continues to push the company into the hands of more consumers with help from its native ad-serving platform, Gemini. By 2015, Yahoo should surpass Twitter, one analyst firm estimates.

In fact, eMarketer estimates Yahoo will take 3.18% of the $18.9 billion U.S. mobile advertising market this year, landing itself firmly in the mix of real competitor. Next year, Yahoo's U.S. mobile revenue will account for 3.74% of the U.S. mobile ad market and for the first time will push past Twitter, which eMarketer forecasts will take 3.69% share in 2015.



Overall in 2015, mobile advertising in the U.S. will grow 50% to $28.4 billion, and another 41% in 2016 to surpass $40.1 billion. By 2016, Yahoo's share will reach 4.19%, representing the largest market share gain from 2014 through 2016 among companies eMarketer tracked in its latest research.

Yahoo's net mobile ad revenue will rise 76.4% in 2015, up another 57.8% in 2016.

Yahoo will continue to face challenges. eMarketer broke down Yahoo's market share by ad format to analyze the company's forthcoming obstacles. While the company's share of U.S. mobile search advertising will reach 4.9% this year, growth continues to slow, with share expected to rise marginally to 5.2% in 2016.

Mobile display advertisements will see strong growth, but even at 1.9% of U.S. mobile display advertising in 2014 to 3.6% in 2016, Yahoo still trails far behind Google and Facebook and lags behind Twitter, Pandora, and Apple's iAd, per eMarketer's forecast.

Google also continues to see a decline in U.S. mobile display ad revenue share. By 2016, eMarketer estimates Google will have fallen to 9.1% market share, from 11.8% this year. Facebook also will lose share, coming in at 28.3% and 34.7%, respectively. While Twitter gains slightly at 7.3% from 7.0%, Yahoo moves up to 3.6% from 1.9%, respectively, per eMarketer.

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