Triton, eXelate Bring Digital Audio To Programmatic Campaigns

Digital audio tech firm Triton Digital has partnered with data tech firm eXelate to create a new streaming audio data management platform.

This new “DMP” should enable media buyers to target audiences more effectively and incorporate audio into programmatic campaigns alongside other digital media.

The new data management platform will combine Triton’s listener profiles with eXelate’s insights on consumer purchase intent, household demographics, and behavioral characteristics.

The combined data will offer advertisers the option of integrating digital audio into programmatic campaigns spanning devices and channels, including mobile, video and display. Triton operates a proprietary programmatic ad buying platform called a2x.

Triton Digital chief operating officer Mike Agovino noted that allowing advertisers to incorporate audio into multifaceted digital campaigns should increase audio ad revenues for online broadcasters: “Until now audio has not been available as part of a multi-channel programmatic buy. Beginning today, digital audio can garner a larger share of the market by attracting a piece of the larger multi-channel programmatic budget.”



The announcement of the Triton partnership came simultaneously with a broader rollout of new products from eXelate on Tuesday, including the launch of the data tech firm’s new “customer data cloud,” centering on cross-platform profiles of customers. The data cloud will allow marketers to create unique, anonymous profiles for customers, based on interactions across multiple devices and channels.

Back in September 2014, Triton launched its new Triton Advertising Platform, including tools for forecasting available inventory and combining these forecasts with audience data for targeted ad sales. The service’s features offers a creative manager, allowing publishers to manage audio, video and banners synced with audio, including creation of customer banner sizes in addition to IAB standards.

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