Why Programmatic Creative Is Like Real Estate: Location, Location, Location

You don’t have to be a weatherman to know what the most obvious ways of pre-planning programmatic creative are. The answer, according to the programmatic creative panel that opened Day Two of the Programmatic Insider Summit in Scottsdale, AZ, is right outside your door.

“Putting creative together ahead of time that is weather-related,” suggested Jeremy Leonard, COO and executive vice president of Colorado digital shop IMM, adding: “Weather is the kind of thing that doesn’t throw anyone off-message or off-strategy, per se.”

“Location” is another, said Jeff Campbell, director of media at iCrossing, adding: “If you’re a solar energy provider and you are targeting people in New England and California, you wouldn’t want the colonial home” featured to consumers in Southern California.



The difficult part, said Sam Temes, global product strategy at Google’s DoubleClick unit, is developing “non-standard” concepts for pre-planning programmatic creative.

“Weather feeds, location are pretty standard,” he said, adding: “Where the challenge comes is how do you work with things that are less standard.”

Temes gave an example of a brand that worked with Google to develop real-time creative versioning based on the World Cup soccer tournament, enabling ads to be updated on-the-fly when teams scored on the playing field.

This article initially appeared as a "Show Daily" post during day two -- Tuesday, March 24 -- of the 2015 Programmatic Insider Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. The event continues through March 25 and can be followed live here.

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