Adobe Acquires Dynamic Creative Tech, Creates An Advanced Programmatic Supply Chain

Adobe Systems announced Wednesday that it has acquired dynamic creative technology from Collective. The Tumri platform, which Collective acquired in 2011 and renamed Ensemble, makes a full circle back to its creators with this acquisition. Two of the original engineers who built the platform are now at Adobe, and will resume their work on the technology, along with about nine employees who came along with the acquisition. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The dynamic creative capabilities built into Tumri will augment Adobe's programmatic vision that will eventually tie together all media platforms to create a circular connection through the advertising supply chain. Data will feed into the system from across Adobe's media landscape, supporting the vision of personalized advertisements.

Tim Waddell, director of product marketing for Advertising Solutions at Adobe, said "we had been talking and began building a dynamic creative function on our own, but the acquisition puts us on the road much faster." 

If Adobe had built out the dynamic creative technology, it would have integrated into Adobe Target, Waddell said. Now Tumri will integrate into the platform and Adobe will build out profiles and audiences, asset sharing from the creative cloud, and more.

As dynamic creative technology continues to move from marketing products on Web sites to advertising through a variety of media, the acquisition of the technology will give Adobe advanced ad creation capabilities to build out its programmatic offerings through segmentation and data. "It once was a nice to have feature, and now it's just critical," Waddell said.

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