Google On Quest To Measure Every Moment In Customer Journey, Takes Brand Lift Mobile

Google on Thursday took its Brand Lift metrics mobile and expanded features to include measuring ad lift in consideration, favorability and purchase intent for all ads running on the company's network. The goal to measure each moment throughout the consumer journey -- from awareness and ad recall to interest in the brand -- also links data from actions across media such as search.

From YouTube to search, the features link advertising to lift organic searches on, allowing advertisers to see the impact that ads have in driving interest in the brand and the products. An analysis of more than 800 Brand Lift studies showed that 65% of brands were able to drive a lift in keyword searches on, with an average lift of 13%. Marketers gain the results from the campaigns within days, not weeks or months.



The new metrics provide answers to questions such as whether an ad breaks through with consumers, whether viewers are more aware of the brand after seeing an ad, whether their consideration of a brand is higher after a campaign, whether consumers are more favorable toward a brand after seeing an ad, and whether their intent to purchase from the brand rises.

In the first year, Google ran more than 10,000 studies on campaigns. Google published in April an analysis showing the results from Brand Lift on YouTube, and found that 94% of campaigns saw a lift in ad recall, with an average lift of 80%, wrote Samir Pradhan, product manager, Brand Lift at Google, in a post.

Brands are learning more about their consumers with the ability to measure metrics throughout the journey. Mondelez International, for example, was faced with the choice of running two creative versions of an ad for a new flavor of Trident in Brazil. They tested both versions, and ultimately ran the winning ad, with ad recall jumping 23% from one version. Shifting media targeting drove greater impact.

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