Sizmek Launches HTML5 Single-tag Responsive Ad Feature

As brands and agencies begin to dip their toes into the waters of cross-device targeting more, various solutions have emerged that help unify campaigns across disparate screen sizes.

Responsive ads are one such solution, but they serve essentially the same creative to all the different screens without much differentiation between how audiences use those screens. However, they are efficient.

Sizmek, an open ad management company, is introducing a single-tag responsive ad feature to its ad-building product that allows its clients to create multiple sizes and instances of the same ad, or completely different creatives based on device type, and essentially store them under the same piece of code.

The single tag means that one piece of code goes into the ad slot on a publisher’s page or app and determines which of the creatives it houses should be served. The ads have support for HTML5 Standard, Polite, Single Expandable and Expandable formats and can report on how many instances each impression received.



David Simutis, social and mobile product marketing manager at Sizmek, says the feature is about creative control, allowing creative directors and media-buying teams to have more peace of mind. They don't have to wonder whether their ads will render differently, based on an algorithm.

Sizmek also acquired a mobile DSP, Strike Ad, earlier this year. The buyout moved Sizmek one step closer to becoming an end-to-end solution.

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