OtherLevels Brings Machine Learning To Email For Improved Targeting, Engagement

OtherLevels today announced the launch of a new customer engagement marketing platform that empowers email marketers to incorporate Big Data and machine learning into their marketing strategies and actions. Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels adds to the enterprise digital marketing company's suite of automated marketing products, segmentation and targeting tools. 

“The future of messaging is reaching 100% of your audience via a wide range of message types, mixing traditional and new message types, with many triggered in the moment -- not the legacy first-generation approach of ‘segment and send’,” states Ramsey Masri, CEO of OtherLevels. “Intelligent Messaging will be able to significantly improve an organization's engagement with their customers, which in turn will boost retention and revenue measures."



The new product creates a holistic profile of each customer based on past behavior and preferences across channels. Using machine intelligence, Intelligent Messaging can pinpoint the best marketing channel and message that will most likely inspire the customer to engage with a company.

The OtherLevels platform determines the best channel for each customer by tracking customer engagement and data across multiple channels including email, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, mobile Web, and desktop applications. OtherLevels’ marketing automation software can then retarget customers if the primary channel did not achieve its target goal or sale.

This approach helps email marketers increase their click and engagement rates, and maximizes opportunities for marketers to get in front of customers.

OtherLevels says many of the existing marketing tools still rely on a single-channel approach, and marketers often lack the resources to run many parallel campaigns at once.

Machine learning and Big Data can help maximize a marketing department’s resources by extending the scope and reach of the campaign with focused content for every customer.

Machine learning and predictive analytics in the marketing industry will only continue to grow in 2016 as more companies transition to providing better data-driven services and analytics.

Gartner recently advised marketers to adopt predictive analytics applications to improve lead generation. The predictive analytics market itself is expected to be worth $5.24 billion by 2018, according to a recent MarketsandMarkets report.

A majority of business executives with experience in predictive analytics (86%) say that the technology has delivered a positive return on investment for their business, according to a recent study by Forbes Insights and Lattice Engines. 68% of executives surveyed said they were looking to hire talent with expertise in predictive technology and analytics.

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