Mobile Autoplay Ads Can Double Intent To Purchase

Swedish mobile brand ad firm Widespace released the results of a study recently that highlighted the ability of their ads to affect purchase intent positively.

Widespace launched their StreamView ads earlier this year, a format that autoplays silently when 50% of the pixels are in view. Compared to those who had not viewed the campaigns, the company says their ads increased purchase intent of viewers in relation to similar brands by 104%, brand awareness by 10% and brand consideration by 37%. The results are based on completed campaigns.

“Videos starting to play in screen offer a better reach and make it easier for advertisers to engage audiences with relevant messages,” stated Adrian McDonald, chief product officer at Widespace. “This is because no click is required.”



Autoplay video ads are effective at getting views on mobile, where users tend to be much more sensitive about ads taking up screen space. The format has worked well for Facebook.

Raising intent to purchase goes hand in hand with targeting the intent of users, a capability of advertisers that has become more common in recent years.

In a recent think piece, Google argued that targeting intent was more powerful than demographic data. “Marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70 percent of potential mobile shoppers,” the article asserted.

In addition, targeting intent can reveal non-traditional consumers for products that were previously unknown or unsuspected -- for example, that 56% of sporting goods searchers and 45% of home improvement searchers are female. 

Widespace operates mainly in Europe, but has reportedly had its eye on North America for a while now, and is raising money for an eventual push into the market.

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