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Lotame Looks To Local TV For Data

Lotame CEO Andy Monfried tells AdExchanger the company has a big advantage over a few of its peers: “We have about 4 billion cookies and about 2.5 billion device IDs we’re sitting on,” he said. “When we onboard a client, we can immediately show them everything else about a profile that they may not have known. That’s all inside of DMP – it’s not another service or product we add on. It’s our core focus.” That focus is marrying online and offline data sets for its clients, data management platform (DMP) companies, including publishers, advertisers and information service companies.

Monfried says one of the biggest opportunities for Lotame lies with TV and intent-based data at the local level. "We’re seeing opportunity for mid-size advertisers who are buying local and regional TV to leverage data better." Lotame is working with four large local broadcasters to offer analytics around intent and their clients' viewership data.



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