xAd Teams With comScore For Mobile Attribution Solution

xAd, a location intelligence firm, announced a partnership with comScore this week, releasing a solution that aims to link mobile campaigns with in-store visits, also known as the giant bugbear in the path of mobile marketers and advertisers.

The market for location-based search and inquiry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 40% until 2020.

Marketers are still not able to correlate their ad spend and campaign performance with in store sales as well as they claim. Most commerce happens in stores, and marketers still don’t quite know what aspect of their campaigns drive that foot traffic.

"Accurate measurement tools are essential in helping brands understand how advertising impacts sales," stated Shashi Seth, chief product officer at xAd. "Collaborations like this one will help establish a new standard for offline measurement, while helping to deliver more accurate and timely ROI metrics to advertisers and publishers alike."

The solution utilizes comScore's Location Lift product within xAd and is available for mobile campaigns through xAd. comScore will soon make a version for desktop and television campaigns available through its platform.



Even as the mobile attribution problem continues to plague marketers, retailers are starting to deploy more WiFi and beacon networks in their brick-and-mortar locations to harvest valuable in-store data.

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