TapFwd Partners With Cuebiq, Brings Location Intel To DMP

Mobile-first data management platform (DMP) TapFwd announced a partnership with Cuebiq, a location intelligence company today. TapFwd will merge its audience profiles with Cuebiq’s location data, extending the capabilities of TapFwd’s audience segmenting tools.          

“Incorporating Cuebiq’s data into TapFwd’s mobile-first DMP not only improves the efficacy of person-based targeting, but furthers our mission of making data accessible to mobile marketers,” stated Alex Wasserman, Co-Founder and CEO of TapFwd.

TapFwd customers will be able to compare the differences between different segments and create mobile audiences that align with their highest value customers.



Cuebiq will also benefit from the partnership, extending their data-set through TapFwd. “This partnership greatly expands the reach of our data and helps mobile marketers create targeted campaigns [using that extended data],” stated Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Cuebiq.

Cuebiq is a spinoff of European mobile marketer Beintoo, and specializes in using location data to match offline behavior with purchase intent—essentially allowing companies to take a self-service approach to business intelligence.

TapFwd has been striking a series of partnerships recently, including one with data on-boarding company LiveRamp to bring offline data to mobile marketers, another with Twine, a mobile data monetization company.

DMPs work hand in hand with demand-side platforms (DSPs) to identify and target audiences correctly. Having a good handle on audiences is crucial for mobile marketers looking to programmatically target their audiences and identify the best ad buys possible.

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