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Time Inc. Chief Talks About Its Acquisition Of Ad-Tech Firm Viant

Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp spoke with Business Insider about the company's integration of Viant, which it acquired in February. He said the integration of Viant had moved Time Inc.'s sell to advertisers to sound very much like Facebook's: "people-based targeting." Ripp said only Facebook, Google, and now Time Inc. could make that kind of claim — "but even Facebook and Google don't have the TV data." Ripp said of Viant, "We have been able to take their message to many more senior people. Time Inc. is given the data quality credibility, the program capability in ways that they, they were very successful before, but now they are more successful." But he declined to say just how successful, failing to offer numbers. He also said Time Inc. hasn't seen a negative impact from ad blocking so far but "is experimenting with its response to the ad blockers, sometimes blocking access to content for people with ad blockers switched on while other times simply asking ad-blocker users to switch them off."



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