WeatherAlpha Brings Custom, Targetable Weather Attributes To Drawbridge Cross-Device Identity Platform

WeatherAlpha on Thursday announced that its proprietary WeatherEdge data intelligence technology has been integrated with third-party ad tech and martech platforms, including the Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform. This means that agencies and advertisers can use WeatherAlpha’s proprietary data through Drawbridge’s platform to dynamically message consumers across devices with weather-related content.

WeatherAlpha aims to make meteorology understandable and actionable. It does this by aggregating raw data sets from a wide variety of private and publicly available sources, validating their accuracy, and creating proprietary sets of weather data that help marketers make timely connections with potential customers. The company also consults on how weather data can best be applied to each campaign. WeatherAlpha’s WeatherEdge data intelligence technology operates as a standalone platform, or as an add-on to an existing platform via an API integration.

Brands such as Kingsford Charcoal and Clorox are using WeatherAlpha’s weather targeting capabilities for their digital advertising campaigns which have helped them with more efficient media planning, according to WeatherAlpha. Drawbridge’s agency and brand clients will now be able to access this granular, contextual data-set for cross-device campaigns as well.



"Brands and agencies are looking for unique ways to reach consumers when they're in the right mindset, and we've seen that weather data can be a great signal to pair with cross-device reach to increase the likelihood of a conversion. By partnering with WeatherAlpha, we're able to provide our clients with this unique targeting ability to add to their playbooks. Store visit data, demographic data, and interest data are already being used—now  we're excited to now offer environmental data as an added piece of context,” Rahul Bafna, VP Product Management & Partnerships, Drawbridge, told Real-Time Daily via email.

Carl Weber, WeatherAlpha’s Director of Business Development contextualized the news: "WeatherAlpha is a data provider that specializes in weather-related targeting capabilities across the advertising landscape. As a pure data provider, we don’t own ad inventory, and therefore aren't constrained by ad platform or media channel. WeatherAlpha's principal focus is helping our clients realize the maximum value from the intelligent application of weather data within their ad campaigns.  Our data can be and has been successfully deployed across a variety of digital channels, such as display, video, mobile, connected TV, social, paid search, audio, email, and digital out-of-home platforms, as well as on publisher and advertiser websites.”




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