VideoAmp Ensures At Least 80% Viewability Rates

VideoAmp, a video advertising platform, announced on Monday that its clients are now guaranteed 80% viewability rates. Through partnerships with Integral Ad Science and Double Verify, fraud is prevented and brand safety is assured, the company claims.

Jay Prasad, Chief Business Officer of VideoAmp, explained to Real-Time Daily that the ability to guarantee such high viewability rates comes from a robust cross-platform approach to video advertising.

“We’ve been hitting the 80s and 90s in a lot of our campaigns. We can turn off targeting to Android or iOS devices, we can turn off certain browsers or quickly remove locations that are not performing up to par,” said Prasad.

Real-time reporting is a cornerstone of VideoAmp’s optimization capabilities. The self-serve nature of the product allows marketers to engage with direct feedback on campaigns. VideoAmp’s platform also offers insights into pre-bid quality.

“We want to make sure that the campaigns are still able to hit the required scale,” continued Prasad. “Our cross-platform approach, across connected TV, desktop and mobile, is central to achieving this.”

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