RadiumOne Launches Smart Links To Customize Customer Journey

RadiumOne announced on Monday the release of Smart Links, a product that enables brands to ease customer journeys across platforms and devices from unique links.

Smart Links are embedded into an ad, and depending on device, location and a number of other variables, consumers are pointed to various pages designed for different points of the buying funnel. The product uses deep linking technology to, in effect, generate the mass customization of a single link, simplifying the task for marketers, while also creating a more appropriate end location from a consumer’s perspective.

“The Smart Links product is part of RadiumOne’s analytics suite,” Bob Hall, SVP of business development at RadiumOne, told Real-Time Daily. “We are not only offering the linking capabilities, but also a host of campaign analytics data that can help define the success of any particular campaign. Brands can tell exactly how and where -- on their Websites or social media accounts -- they are getting the most engagement.”  

Hall notes that Smart Links, which device graphs to deterministically track users across devices, will ultimately create a clearer picture for marketers regarding the overall success of their campaigns.



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