Nielsen Expands Digital Ad Ratings With Insight Service

Nielsen is launching a new service of its Digital Ad Ratings -- DAR Publisher Insights  -- which allows digital publishers to achieve a deeper analysis of advertising campaign data.

DAR Publisher Insights includes a Digital Reach Benchmark, which ranks publishers against both reach and on-target percentage for campaigns. Publishers can then view their efforts in comparison to their competitors.

Publishers can access custom metrics, including reach efficiency: “The rate a platform translates incremental impressions to individual targets.” Publishers can also get incremental reach -- incremental value in cross-platform campaigns.

DAR Publisher Insights says it can provide deeper audience profiles -- beyond age and gender -- to includes household income, ethnicity, education and occupation.

Using Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Nielsen Buyer Insights data, DAR Publisher Insights can give publishers return on ad spend research.

Nielsen Managing Director of Digital Andrew Feigenson stated: "It is time for the industry to evaluate campaign success using audience metrics that go beyond on-target percentage, and that are truly comparable and consistent between media types."

Digital Ad Ratings are available in over 20 markets globally.



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