Adobe's TV Media Management Helps Audience Targeting, Forecasting

Adobe says its new TV media management platform will help media sellers work with advertisers to target granular audience segments and yield better forecasting.

The platform allows a brand to target groups such as Millennial sports viewers or high-income earners in a specific market. As a result, it says, “advertisers will see increased ROI, while media companies are able to charge higher rates to micro-target audiences.”

The platform claims to provide more accurate forecasting and planning through analytics and data management, with variables like seasonality. It says “existing models of forecasting provide low accuracy.”

It says, for example, that if the viewership for a TV program were to  suddenly rise, this can be factored into the ad spend and the amount of impressions that marketers can expect.

Adobe says its new platform can help media sellers deliver on audience guarantees. Audiences defined by these third parties like Nielsen and comScore “are often not the same as the ones defined by media companies, leading to guesswork and poor delivery rates.”

The new platform enables audience targeting that aligns closer with the media currency providers.

Adobe’s TV Media Management Platform is part of its Adobe prime-time system, a multiscreen TV platform that helps media companies create and monetize personalized viewing experiences.



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