AI, Visual Storytelling Big Factors For Digital Publishing In 2017

Canadian publisher Valnet released a white paper predicting that digital content in North America will feature more visual storytelling, experimental technology and programmatic advertising next year, as well as fewer words on smaller screens.

According to Valnet’s report, “A Publishing Transformation: The Rising Dominance of Digital Content in 2017,” audiences and publishers “can expect more influence from search engines and data-driven algorithms, and more relevant, contextual advertising.”



Publishers should also prepare for “a revolution marked by artificial intelligence-based tools that make video creation a technological ‘snap.’”

"As more ad dollars shift to the digital and mobile environments, content is being created around algorithms and formulas that make it highly searchable, more relevant for reaching advertisers' target markets and able to drive organic traffic at lower costs," stated Joe Alderson, one of the report’s authors and director of ad operations at Valnet.

Web site content is expected to shift to video formats, consumed on mobile devices. According to the Adobe State of Content 2015 report, 35% to 50% of consumers will switch devices or stop engaging with content if images are slow to load, too long or unattractive.

Valnet also forecasts that experimental technology like virtual reality and AI will grow rapidly in 2017, as publishers find new ways to engage and attract audiences. The influence of legacy publishers will wane and niche audiences and content will continue to grow to better serve advertisers. For example, general-interest sites, such as The Huffington Post, have already shifted to vertical-driven content, such as HuffPost Politics.

Programmatic ad buying will “dominate” the digital advertising industry. Valnet cited IAB's Digital Video Ad Spend Study for 2016, which found ad buyers expected to increase spending by 63% on digital video and 62% on mobile video, especially for online display, online video, mobile display and mobile video ads.

Adweek predicted that programmatic ad sales will rise to $32 billion by the end of 2017, up more than half from $15 billion in 2015.

As more ad dollars shift to the digital media industry, content will be more targeted, niche and optimized, which should boost user engagement and time spent on sites.

Valnet Inc. owns digital content brands The Sportster, ScreenRant, BabyGaga, The Talko, The Richest, The Things, CBR and Little Angel.
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