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JPMorgan Chase Limits Ads

Amid sharp concerns from advertisers about so-called "brand safety" on the Web, JPMorgan Chase has pruned its online display advertising to approximately 5,000 Websites vs. the 400,000 sites its advertising appeared on a few weeks ago, according to a New York Times report. Marketers have gone all in on digital advertising via programmatic media buying tactics that enable them to target large numbers of consumers. Chase's reduction in the number of sites its advertising appears on is notable as concerns over brand safety, ad fraud, and fake news show no signs of slowing. The report said that Chase hasn't seen much change in the cost of the ad impressions it buys or the visibility of its ads. "The change illustrates the new skepticism with which major marketers are approaching online ad platforms and the automated technology placing their brands on millions of websites. In recent years, advertisers have increasingly shunned buying ads on individual sites in favor of cheaply targeting groups of people across the web based on their browsing habits, a process known as programmatic advertising — enabling, say, a Gerber ad to show up on a local mother’s blog, or a purse in an online shopping cart to follow a person around the internet for weeks," the report said. Chase's experience may give way to more advertisers following suit, in which case it's not great news for publishers or the ad-tech business.




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