BrainJuicer Rebrands As System1

Behavioral science and marketing company BrainJuicer announced it will rebrand as System1 Group, PLC. The move combines the ad agency with its research group that touts  “guaranteed”  growth to its clients by analyzing consumer instinct, intuition and emotional response to ads.

System1 analyzes company innovations and advertising on its own Emotion-into-Action scale and gets some ink for its FeelMore 50 ranking of the world’s top 50 TV and digital ads, ranked in part by their emotional impact. The company is based in London and New York. System1 was already the name for the ad branch at BrainJuicer and was launched last year. 

“Over the last 16 years, we’ve built an international business and have pioneered the application of Behavioural Science to predict profitable marketing,” said John Kearon in a press release.

In a video interview with Market's Lenny Murphy announcing the the new name, Kearon said the company wants to “double down” on its ad testing and tracking areas. "We've made an active decision to go up the value chain," Kearon said, suggesting the new System1 was evolving as something akin to a "high end consultancy" firm.

Kearon said BrainJuicer as a name was "quirky and kooky" (and his invention) but System1 sounded like a less"boutiquey" name going forward. Kearon also said System1 will use its own tools to monitor how the new name flies. 

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