Adds Attribution Service To TV Ad Metrics

TV advertising analytics company has added TV attribution data to its service -- connecting TV exposure of commercials to consumers' digital brand activity.

Attribution data will address 10 million smart IPTV-enable TVs -- Vizio manufactured TV sets -- tracking commercials tied to online purchases, Web visits, app installations and digital registrations.

The company is launching its “conversion analytics” service, which puts a digital tracking pixel on clients' sites. “It essentially creates an overlap between their user base and our 10 million TVs,” says Sean Muller, chief executive officer of

Muller points to Experian Consumer Services as example, where an Experian ad airs and a viewer watching the ad goes to the Experian site for its credit monitoring service.

“Boom, we just made that connection because it’s the same IP address to the home,” he says. “Then we are able to measure exactly the ads that user was exposed to leading up to that conversion.”



Among other segments, Muller says attribution can be broken down by networks, dayparts, creative executions and TV programming genres. For a recent Experian campaign, it showed that commercials running in reality TV programming was one of its best performers.

Another key function of’s conversion analytics is determining the best time to get consumers to respond to a commercial, including when commercial fatigue sets in, resulting in fading TV consumer digital activity.

For Experian, Muller says: “The optimal number of showing someone their ad is ten times. Going beyond ten, returns diminish drastically.”

Conversion analytics will work with the company’s attention analytics. says “attention” scores of commercials are calculated from viewers who interrupt -- for any reason -- the running of a commercial.

Muller says 30 clients have signed up for the new addition to the service. Overall, the 5-year-old company claims over 200 clients.

The company will market this effort in part through a TV commercial running on CNBC.

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