Google Makes TV Ad Inventory Available To Buy In DoubleClick Bid Manager

As more marketers look to reach their audiences across screens and devices, Google on Monday said it it's making traditional TV advertising inventory available to buy in its DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) platform in the U.S.

Google also said it is integrating with WideOrbit, clypd, and Google Fiber, Google’s broadband Internet and IPTV business unit, to offer access to national, local, and addressable TV inventory in DBM.

The tech giant made the announcement in conjunction with the opening of the National Association of Broadcasters convention.  

In making the inventory available through DBM, Google is acknowledging that consumers are watching video of all kinds on demand and on multiple devices and screens. “We’re in the golden age of video, and while this explosion of great content is great for users, it creates a lot of complexity for advertisers and publishers,” wrote Rany Ng, director, product management, Google, in a blog post about the announcement.



Google said that DBM will basically enable advertisers to manage TV and digital video campaigns in one platform. TV and digital advertising have traditionally been bought and measured through different systems and currencies. “By adding traditional TV buying into DoubleClick Bid Manager, we are taking the first step towards allowing advertisers and agencies to manage their video campaigns across digital and linear TV, in a more efficient and effective way,” Ng  wrote.  

Google plans to help brands and agencies measure the effectiveness TV campaigns through “impact-based metrics” in DoubleClick. For example, advertisers will be able to measure the lift when consumers search for their brands on Google or YouTube after seeing their TV ads.

Google said that while programmatic technology has already automated some of the manual processes associated with buying digital video, its new integrations will extend many of the same workflow improvements to traditional TV.

With their inventory now available through DBM, TV networks and station owners will gain access to new types of buyers, such as advanced TV buying groups in agencies and digital-first advertisers, Google said. While many of these buyers already use DoubleClick, up until now, they have had limited access to U.S. TV audiences. “By bringing TV and digital video advertising together, we hope to help advertisers and publishers grow with video in a more impactful way,” Ng wrote.

Google attempted to bring TV inventory into the auction process before without success. It remains to be seen what type of inventory TV networks will place with DBM.



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