Big Idea From Publicis Argentina Becomes Renault's New 'Dream' Machine

Last year, Publicis Argentina partnered with Renault for the "Dream Cradle" campaign that promoted the automaker with a fictional cradle containing a base that simulated the movements of a car.

Now that cradle is no longer imaginary. Parents were so enthralled with the idea of a cradle that could lull a child to sleep just like just like a 3 a.m. drive around the neighborhood that Renault is bringing a version of it to market in partnership with babycare brand Chicco.

Credit Publicis with dreaming up the idea and parents, largely through social media, with lobbying Renault to bring the idea to life.

The new (and real) Dream Cradle mimics the movements of the car by way of an app that can adjust the intensity, direction and slope of the cradle’s movements. With any luck, parents who use it can bid farewell to sleepless nights of driving Junior over hill and dale until he’s in Slumber Land. The cradle is designed to take that drive while staying in place.  That’s the theory anyway.



And Publicis is the lead agency on the new gizmo's launch campaign. The creative is designed to illustrate the product's ability to put children to sleep, thus emphasizing Renault's "Easy Life" brand positioning.

According to the agency, the cradle campaign illustrates the global connectivity activated by Publicis Groupe’s Power of One reorganization. The Argentina division first collaborated with its Italy counterpart and is now working across the network's worldwide locations to develop a global campaign that will be adapted to local markets for the cradle’s 2018 launch.


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