Verizon's Oath Breaks 1st Campaign Post-AOL/Yahoo

The campaign may have begun internally to mark the transition of Yahoo and various companies into Verizon Communications new business unit Oath. But it quickly blossomed into a full-blown campaign to announce the integration of AOL, AOL One, BrightRoll, Tumblr, Yahoo and others to agency partners and their brand clients.

The acquisition of Yahoo unites more than 50 brands under the Verizon umbrella.

Internally, employees have been asked to think about their "oath" to the company and to clients. They are asked to name three words that describe their "oath," meant to symbolize the employee's commitment and what they bring to the team.

The campaign—Make Your Oath—began at Cannes Lions. It has continued to pick up steam with brands as some tweet their "oath" to @oath on Twitter.

Expect to see a range of services and "innovations" added to Oath's search business in the future, according to a company spokesperson.

"We believe deeply in search as an area of growth and continued investment for Oath," a spokesperson for the company told Search Marketing Daily. "We’re focused on delivering relevant results and ads within the search experience, leveraging both our own search engine and partners in a way that allows consumers to find the answers they care about and take action immediately."

Yahoo Insights will become Oath Insights, but there is no word yet on the renaming or integration of Yahoo Gemini for Search or Yahoo Gemini for native ads, spanning across mobile, video and programmatic services.


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