AerServ Clients Can Now Transact On Cost-Per-Completed-View Basis

AerServ announced on Tuesday that clients now have the ability to transact mobile video inventory on a cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) basis. The new feature is available across desktop and OTT platforms.

“The advertising industry is undergoing a number of changes all focused on inventory verification, measurement, and high quality,” Andrew Gerhart, AerServ COO, told Digital News Daily. “This new brands the ability to pay only for impressions where users are truly engaged with their message. For publishers, it allows them to bring brand advertisers into their user-initiated video placements, which typically command higher pricing due to near 100% completion rates.”

The timing of this development is on-the money, since the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a report that found 88% of advertisers increased their planned digital video budget after attending NewFronts in 2016.

AerServ anticipates that publishers will see eCPMs increase as a result of the more valuable video ad impression.

“The industry is seeing a strong push towards third-party measured inventory, as brands only want to purchase inventory that is verified as viewable,” concluded Gerhart. “From a publisher standpoint, it allows them to market their high-quality inventory appropriately to buyers, and capture the full value of this inventory.”

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