Nielsen To Include VOD Ratings In Key Media Planning Tool

Nielsen wants to make it easier for media buyers that want to buy video-on-demand advertising.

Nielsen says its syndicated VOD Content Ratings from nine networks -- including Turner and Discovery Networks -- will be included in Nielsen’s Media Impact, a tool media planners use to estimate audience reach, sales and brand equity before committing investment.

The tool allows advertisers to reallocate their media mix.

VOD Content Ratings, which was launched in 2006, is a component of Nielsen’s Total Audience metric. VOD Content Ratings provide comparable metrics with the same set of characteristics as live and time-shifted TV, enabling advertisers to do a comparison to linear TV that extends beyond seven days.

“Each layer of data that sheds new light on how we best connect our clients’ brands to their target audiences is progress, and we look forward to a broader view of the VOD audience market as more networks make their data available,” stated Peter Sedlarcik, EVP, head of insights and analytics of Havas Media Group.

Nielsen says some linear programs receive as much as a 31% lift from VOD, attracting viewers who are often younger and more upscale. Howard Shimmel, chief research officer of Turner, stated: “We know that VOD content is valuable and attracts a different fan than linear TV.”



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