HoneyBaked Ham, Location3 Show How Multi-Location Online To Offline Works

Releasing data on the integration of online and offline advertising and marketing, HoneyBaked Ham and Location3 on Friday provided details of a multichannel and multiple location campaign that ran during the 2017 holidays.

Location3, a direct-response marketing and advertising agency, managed and ran several online campaigns for HoneyBaked Ham that were primarily focused on paid search, but added a bit of paid social and location listing.

The campaign tracked people clicking on links like "get directions." It also tracked the calls to locations, reservations for pickups, and those wanting to set up catering orders. The agency also used a fairly new Google AdWords feature to track store visits.  

For the first time, Location3 and HoneyBaked Ham tracked in-store visits generated from search, social, and television. Results from the campaign doubled the return on ad spend across all channels, connecting Google online searches and clicks to in-store visits based on aggregated anonymous data.



"We saw about 15,000 people who clicked on our ads go into a location and we're assuming at that point made some sort of a purchase," Porter said. "We're still missing the last mile, but the first time we're able to see a search on Google for 'holiday dinner idea' go to the location page and then physically visit the location."   

The "last mile" refers to an inability to identify what consumers bought when they walked into the store -- whether ham, turkey or potato salad -- if they didn't order online to pick up in the store.

The in-store sale data requires an integration with the point-of-sale system. The integration should also solve the problem of consumers seeing a pesky annoying retargeted ad after a consumer researches a product online and then buys it in the store.

Location3 also took HoneyBaked Hams' national TV media buy and invested it in a local awareness campaign that ran on Facebook. The video ads targeted consumers based on nearby locations.  

HoneyBaked Hams' Easter campaign, which begins in late February, will track Facebook Store Visits and in-store sales. The campaign will run for franchises and corporate-owned stores. The company's running Facebook campaigns using Store Visit optimization that works by delivering ads to people who are predicted to be most likely to visit a store.

Along with the metrics and strategy, Location3 authors Joshua Allen and Brooke Renzelmann released a white paper on tracking and measuring store visits for multiple-location businesses. The paper includes a section on setting up the locations to track store visits in Google AdWords and provides details on brand requirements, initial client results, and a forecast for the future.

The whitepaper also provides tips on brand requirements for Facebook Store Visits campaigns and some of the initial client results.  

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, February 19, 2018 at 6:54 p.m.

    Not only are they missing the "last mile", but they appear to be missing the "first mile" (or miles).

    100% of the attribution seems to go to digital.   So that 'legacy media' activity did nothing.   That billboard - zero.   The radio ad - nope, didn't work.   WOM - nothing.

    Though I suppose as it says it that the campaign ran in the 2027 holidays then anything is possible.

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