Turner Starts Live TV Digital Advertising Unit

With a stronger focus on live TV programming -- and premium advertising pricing for that content — Turner is launching a new ad unit focused on live sports through its digital platforms.

Turner Sports Live says its new business unit will help digital advertisers target audiences, through its overall digital platform of 51 million viewers, in the form of a single ad buy. Advertising sales will only be for video live programming.

Turner says the effort is largely intended to combat digital advertising issues, including transparency.

“We know there are an increasing number of crazy gimmicks and plenty of digital transparency issues that marketers are faced with every day,” stated Seth Ladetsky, senior vice president, sales for Turner Sports. “We are making it very simple for an advertiser.”

Turner’s ad-supported digital platforms include live sports in the NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA of America, ELEAGUE and European football, including the UEFA Champions League, National Lacrosse League, World Surf League and World Arm Wrestling League.



Turner Sports recently launched B/R Live (Bleacher Report Live), a premium live-streaming sports platform, and a central hub for live sports content.

The company's advertisers can buy traditional TV spots or create in integrated partnership through Turner Ignite Sports, which was launched last year for all of Turner’s sports properties, including those on its linear TV networks.

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