B2B Marketers Measure Leads, Business Leaders Track Conversions: Study

Most B2B marketers track metrics such as click-through rates and site visits, but fewer drill down into conversions and revenue -- which could put them at odds with business leaders. according to a study from Spiceworks.

For 81%, the focus is on measuring total site visits. And 77% look at traffic by sources and channels, including email, while 51% track bounce rates.

In addition, 79% analyze click-through rates, while 65% rate marketing-qualified leads, 63% rate content downloads and 57% rate cost per click.

Spiceworks notes that “57% track total deals closed/won…but only 45% of marketing departments track total influenced revenue, and only 44% track the number of pipeline opportunities they’ve influenced.”

Of the business leaders polled, 79% are interested in conversion metrics, versus 66% of the marketers. And 77% of the businesspeople want to see revenue metrics, compared with 67% of the marketers. The business leaders are also more interested in customer satisfaction.



Marketers are most focused on lead metrics (72%).

The study also found that 54% measure the cost per acquisition. In one area for improvement, only 56% examine campaign ROI.

Why measure at all? Companies do so to optimize future campaigns (79%) and evaluate the most effective marketing channels (77%).

Their primary marketing objectives in 2018 are:

  • Influence revenue through new account acquisition — 57%
  • Increase brand awareness — 52%
  • Influence revenue by cross-selling/upselling existing accounts — 39%
  • Align sales and marketing efforts — 30%
  • Renew/retain existing accounts — 29% 
  • Establish thought leadership — 22%

Only 15% see increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty as a goal this year.

Spiceworks surveyed 185 B2B marketers in North America and Europe. 

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