Mercanto Launches Email Tool For Retailers, Integrates With SendGrid

Mercanto has launched an email personalization platform that it claims will help retailers compete in the age of Amazon, and is working with SendGrid to assist them with email deliverability. 

Mercanto Canvas is an AI-driven tool designed to provide personal recommendations to shoppers.

Mercanto uses machine learning to build taste profiles based on search queries, browsing activity, and purchases, the firm says.

The integration with SendGrid allows brands to launch campaigns by pasting Mercanto HTML into the SendGrid platform, states Elliot Goldwater, director of partnerships at SendGrid.  

Mercanto CEO Peter Duffy argues that “it’s clear that Amazon aims to sell customers everything, and therefore no retailers are safe.”

He adds that “retailers must innovate at the same pace as Amazon. However, many retailers are resource-constrained and find it challenging to innovate at scale.”

Goldwater contends that Mercanto helps brands send tailored emails instead of messages based on “buyer demographics or ‘people like you.’” 

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