Adobe Advertising Cloud Search Adds Support For Google Target CPA, ROAS Bidding

Adobe Advertising Cloud has expanded support in its cloud search services for Google Smart Bidding strategies such as targeted cost per acquisition (CPA) and targeted return on ad spend (ROAD).

Announced Tuesday, Target CPA and Target ROAS are now supported in Advertising Cloud Search as part of Adobe's portfolio. The extensions aim to help advertisers simplify reporting and save time through access to multiple bidding technologies.

Advertisers also will gain enhanced bulk management features by allowing changes of performance targets and spend strategy at the portfolio level due to the addition of Google Target CPA or Target ROAS.

These new capabilities for advertisers include enhanced bulk management features, increased performance by leveraging unique data and audience integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud, and global performance management across different bidding technologies in one platform.

Advertising Cloud Search relies on data and audience integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence and machine-learning framework.

Adobe Sensei AI supports performance optimization, performance forecasting and spend recommendations and makes the trade-off decisions on bid amounts and budget allocation more efficiently meet an advertiser’s goals. 



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