CTV Video Ads Accelerate Impressions, Engagement

The number of advertising impressions on connected TV devices and platforms are continuing to rise. Some 28% of video ad impressions were served on CTV in 2018, according to the video ad platform Innovid's 2018 Global Video Benchmarks Report.

That was up from 17% in 2017, and 8% in 2016. 

The report is based on data from every campaign that ran on the company’s platform in 2018. All told, the company analyzed more than 100 billion video ad impressions.

At the same time CTV is rising, short-form video ads are rising as well.

Innovid found that videos under 10 seconds more than doubled in 2018 to 11% of impressions, up from 5% in 2017. Driven largely by six second ads through social and programmatic channels, these short-form ad formats appear to have become a widely accepted part of many media-buying campaigns.



The report also found that personalized and interactive video ads generate significantly higher engagement than non-personalized and non-interactive ads.

"As CTV/OTT becomes more commonplace, so do consumer expectations around the relevancy and personalization of advertising,’ says Alan Wolk, cofounder-lead analyst for the consultancy TV[R]EV in a statement. “Marketers would be well-served to seize the opportunities available in this still nascent market to deliver video advertising that is more engaging, more personalized and more measurable.”

The full report is here.

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