Liveclicker Offers Personalized Coupon Delivery Tool

Liveclicker, a provider of services to B2C email marketers, has unveiled a tool for sending personalized coupons in multiple formats.

The delivery tool, LiveCoupon, allows brands to serve and test offers in text, barcode and QR code formats, the company says.

The offering is available within Liveclicker’s RealTime Email platform as a self-service offering.

According to Liveclicker, LiveCoupon helps users respond to customer behavioral data related to coupon engagement. Brands can incentivize customers — or not incentivize them — based on their conversion levels. 

"Email marketers already have enough on their plates without having to manually segment and create several different deployment sends in order to serve certain coupon codes to certain individuals and find out what works,” states Kenna Hilburn, VP account development for Liveclicker.



Hiilburn adds that “for the majority of brands, coupon code emails are more likely to be opened, clicked on, and end in conversions, so it’s critical that their offers are correctly optimized to appeal to customers.”

Jennifer Chiang, senior analyst, email marketing, BCBG. states that LiveCoupon reduces operational complexity for email campaigns by “automating the messaging of the promotions based on consumers’ previous engagement (with the same promotion).”

Future plans call for creating “scratch-off” interactive experiences and Add-to-Wallet capabilities. 

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