Philo Taps SpotX For Programmatic Monetization

The streaming multichannel video provider Philo is working with video advertising platform SpotX on monetizing programmatic live and on-demand ad inventory.

SpotX’s Demand Facilitation team is also “aggressively communicating to the world of media buyers about our available inventory,” says Reed Barker, head of advertising strategy at Philo.

The team is responsible for connecting advertisers and buyers to premium inventory relevant for their campaigns.

In the case of Philo, which is a virtual multichannel video provider (vMVPD), the inventory is on many of the same channels that are available in traditional linear cable TV bundles. Philo’s lineup includes channels from Viacom, Discovery Inc., and AMC Networks.

With so many services entering the market, actively courting and educating marketers about their options is key.

For subscription streaming video providers, advanced advertising solutions are becoming a key driver of revenue. Hulu, for example, has cut the cost of its base package, believing wider distribution and new ad solutions can make up those subscription losses.

Philo has plans to partner with a data-management platform to further segment audiences for targeting purposes.

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