4As Issues Brand Safety Playbook

The 4As has issued what it is calling the Brand Safety Playbook, designed to help reduce agency, brand and consumer risk profiles in the digital landscape. 

The playbook outlines some strategies and tools that marketers and agencies can utilize to deal optimally with potential marketplace fraud, malware, and content adjacency issues. 

The book has chapters on establishing brand safety and suitability profiles, structuring buys and terms in the context of safety, managing accountability and more.   

The 4As produced the Brand Safety Playbook in partnership with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Brand Safety Institute (BSI) and IAB Tech Lab. There is also an accompanying podcast that was recorded at the 4As’ Decision 20/20 conference in March. 

The podcast was moderated by Louis Jones, 4A’s executive vice president media and data, and features Michael Tiffany, cofounder and president of White Ops, and Abrahim Farraj, manager of creative content protection at NBC Universal. 



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