Millennials Play More Video Games, Watch 'Game Video Content'

Millennials have a tendency to play more video games than other consumer groups -- and they also watch a lot of “game video content.”

Nielsen’s SuperData unit, its video gaming research business, says millennials ages 22 to 30 watch almost six hours a week of game video content, on such platforms as YouTube or the video-gaming centric platform Twitch.  

Many of these gaming aficionados watch video in which they can learn game-play strategy from top playing experts (38%) while almost that same percentage watch for the entertainment value of personalities and creators (36%).

Millennials watch on average 97 minutes per session of such content.

In addition, according to SuperData, this audience also “contributes” an average of $29 in donations each month to their favorite content creators.  

Millennials spend more on donations to their favorite creators ($29) than they spend on subscriptions ($25). Overall, the research says millennials spend $112 a month on gaming.

Research also shows that 70% of millennials play on mobile devices at least once a month, compared to 81% for older Gen-Xers and 72% for younger Gen-Zers. The numbers are lower when it comes to the number of millennials playing on videos at least once a month.

On PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, for example, this comes to 60% for millennials, 71% for Gen-Zers; and 29% for Gen-Xers.

Data comes from SuperData's Cloud Gaming Survey of 1,000 US respondents in February of this year who are at least 13 years of age, among those who spend on video games and who have played a video game in the past month.


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