Velosio Launches Tool For Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales

Velosio, a technology services firm, has introduced a product called Connected Intelligence, an enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Connected Intelligence pulls data from emails, events, and documents across the organization, using AI to add engagement data to Dynamics 365, the company says.

In addition, it delivers algorithmic-based analytics through role-based dashboards.

The new solution captures “customer-facing interactions and any associated documents directly from email and calendar systems like Microsoft Office 365,” states Robbie Morrison, chief solution strategist for Velosio.

Morrison adds that the tool “applies natural language processing, data science, and machine-learning techniques to analyze and characterize the level of engagement with leads, accounts, and opportunities in Dynamics 365.  

Connected Intelligence, an Azure-based solution, works with all major email platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Gmail, the company claims.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM, relies on machine-learning technology from Komiko, a provider of AI solutions for Salesforce CRM users, it says.

CLARIFICATION: Velosio clarifies that “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales does not ‘rely’ on Connected Intelligence. Connected Intelligence ‘enhances’ the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales users.” 


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