Earned Media Gains Access To Improved Attribution, Analytics, Monitoring

The next generation of the Cision Communications Cloud became publicly available this week with improvements in earned media monitoring and analytics, influencer campaigns, and paid audience targeting.

This is the first major update since Cision acquired TrendKite and Falcon.io in January.

Cision developers integrated TrendKite monitoring and analytics into the company’s content, media database, newswire distribution, and business results attribution capabilities. This Cision Communications Cloud update aims to provide improvements to experience, intelligence and interactive reporting.

Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd said technology can now attribute and analyze earned media similar to paid media. “You can measure earned media the exact same way you can measure search, email or other media,” he said.

Cision’s acquisition of TrendKite brings new earned media monitoring and analytics to each step of the workflow -- from influencer discovery to business results reporting. The new functions include unlimited dashboards, real-time alerts, AI-powered insights, image monitoring, and social listening.

“As there’s more consumer distrust and ad blocking and filtering, and cookie deprecation going on, CMOs are looking to diversify their paid spend," Akeroyd said.

The use of paid media isn’t diminishing, but in 2018 about 25% of internet users blocked ads, according to Statista data.

Impact, one part of Communications Cloud, allows marketers to measure when someone goes to the press release and the blog post, along with other earned media, before they put the New Balance shoes in the online shopping cart to make the purchase.

The other part within Cision Communications Cloud is called Audiences, which provides the ability to extract the ID to execute campaigns across paid, earned and owned media.

Akeroyd admits no one has really figured out how to track attribute across all 31 signals, but it is close.

The new version of the platform also supports Cision PR Newswire integration with G Suite and Office 365, and social campaign management updates.

And custom audience creation, targeting and activation for earned media. This means users can create custom interest audiences based on earned media to activate in their technology platform and measure the conversion of these campaigns.

Consumer sentiment and where they put their trust is shifting. Findings from a Cision study suggests 47% of people trust the ads that appear alongside search results, compared to the 67% that trust online reviews.

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