Comcast Spotlight Launches TV Ad Planner For Small Businesses

Looking to compete with other self-service advertising platforms in digital media with a focus on local media, Comcast Spotlight is launching TV Ad planner.

The local cable TV advertising unit says the new self-service portal will enable small businesses to create a TV spot for as little as $295 in less than 72 hours, and spend as little as $250/month. TV Ad Planner is now up and running in 57 markets, and will add six more markets later this year.

A Comcast representative tells Television News DailyTV Ad Planner offers audience targeted TV advertising only,” adding that advertising campaigns booked through TV Ad Planner “use the same rates as 'serviced' campaigns.”

In addition, the representative says, the platform will offer "advanced advertising opportunities such as Instant Impact, a TV attribution solution offered by Comcast Spotlight" as well as digital offerings that allow marketers to place their ads in online TV content.

Comcast says the effort was started for “potential clients who preferred to transact without personal interaction," rather than existing clients who prefer to work closely with the company's account executives in a "high-touch experience."



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