Fake Product Reviews Drive Companies To Form Stronger Technology Partnerships

In the first TripAdvisor Review Transparency Report, the company not only reveals that users posted 66 million reviews, but also that its fraud-detection technology and human assessment rejected about 3.1 million -- or 4.7% of the reviews -- in 2018, before or after being posted.

Just the technology, which analyzes electronic behavior patterns to catch fake reviews, rejected about 1.4 million reviews, or 2.1% deemed fraudulent. Three-quarters were blocked before they posted.

In the report, which analyzes data from January to December 2018, TripAdvisor defines fraudulent reviews as either paid reviews or biased positive negative reviews. Any of these are subject to ranking penalties, even posting a “red” penalty badge next to the company’s listing, according to the report.

Trustpilot, the reviews platform, also has taken steps to curtail fake reviews. Every month, consumers post more than one million reviews on Trustpilot. 

Uberall -- which works with KFC, Virgin and BP to manage online store listings for sites like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and Yelp -- launched a partnership with TrustPilot, a review platform where consumers post about one million reviews every quarter.

Trustpilot supports and focuses solely on reviews. It is built on collaboration as a free and open tool and offers fraud detection software that detects suspicious reviews and removes fake ones through artificial intelligence and algorithms.

In an announcement today, Trustpilot said it would bring its reviews to Uberall. Trustpilot customers which also use Uberall will now have access to the platform so they can respond to and manage authentic reviews in Uberall.

The integration is available to content, search engine optimization and digital marketing agencies serving small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprise clients -- as well as brand customers through Uberall Control Center, the company’s product suite, and Uberall Engage, the company’s reputation and customer review management product. 

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