Cheetah Digital Debuts Cross-Channel Engagement Suite

Cheetah Digital, which the company says is a competitor to Salesforce and Oracle, has unveiled a new customer engagement platform that it says will allow brands to create personalized experiences and build loyalty across channels.

Cheetah unveiled its new Customer Engagement Suite on Thursday at the Signals 19 conference.

The platform is designed to “make marketers more aware of the modern consumer's needs" so they can be "more accurate in their decisions, and more data-centric in how they optimize a consumer's experience across every digital moment,” states Sameer Kazi, CEO at Cheetah Digital.

According to the company, the suite contains these features:

  • Cheetah Experiences is a tool that candeliver acquisition experiences and collect first- and zero-party data and secure permissions.
  • Cheetah Loyalty facilitates the creation of loyalty programs that can result in an emotional connection between brands and customers.
  • Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is a data layer and personalization engine that serves data quickly and at scale.
  • Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is the suite's foundational data layer. It provides data collection, profile unification, segmentation, and machine learning-driven insights.



Michael Stutts, EVP, chief customer officer at Bloomin Brands, says Cheetah Digital provides “the ability to generate a single customer view that we can continuously augment and refine over time to inform our various cross-channel and cross-brand initiatives.”

Kazi notes that “despite advances in marketing technology, many brands are still struggling to unify and execute on customer data, understand their customers, and deliver personalization at scale — all of which result in poor experiences for consumers and lost productivity for marketers.” 

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