Microsoft Bing, Botify Partner To Get Web Pages Indexed Quickly

Botify partnered with Bing to participate in its new content submission API pilot that allows brands to directly submit HTML pages to the search engine, reducing the need for crawling and further securing the indexing process for enterprise websites. 

The feature goes through Botify’s FastIndex product in beta and builds on Microsoft Bing’s programmatic URL webpage submission process. The API integration with Botify helps in notifying the search engine about new content.

In early January 2019, Bing released new criteria for their Bing Submission API, which had been around for several years, allowing brands to submit from hundreds up to 10,000 URLs daily to Bing.  

At the same time, Botify began working on a similar feature for its FastIndex product in early 2019, says Adrien Menard, founder of Botify, which supports a suite of marketing technology.

About half the webpages available are not accessible when searched on Google and Bing, he says. 

Using Bing’s API no longer requires a crawler to get pages indexed. This interests his clients because they no longer solely rely on a web crawler and have the opportunity to ensure their pages get indexed quickly.

“I’m not saying Bing will stop crawling the web but this will be a strong complement a great way to secure the indexing process,” he says.

For “fast fashion” in retail and ecommerce products come and go quickly, so being able to have the pages indexed as early as possible has created greater opportunity for visibility, ranking, and sales. This includes new product launches. Sometimes content gets published multiple times daily, he said, so it is critical.

Theoretically, more pages found on Bing could mean additional advertisers looking to connect with consumers through paid search and Shopping ads.

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