Verily, Google's Sibling, Releases COVID-19 Screening Guide For Community Test Sites

Verily Life Sciences, Google’s sibling, released on Monday a guide to set up community test sites for COVID-19 screening, along with a YouTube video of the test process for Project Baseline. It is intended to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The guide provides information based on actual events to help communities under pressure quickly establish test facilities. Some of the procedures were developed with help from automation systems already in place.

The COVID-19 Community-Based Testing Program Guide includes a framework for launching sites within one week, and optimizing site operations for more efficient testing and safety. It also provides insight on creating an automated and integrated process for screening that health organizations can adjust based on the latest epidemiology, scheduling, testing, and delivery of results. 



The extensive list of guides and documents offers information on testing guidelines in addition to such things as requisition and label preparation, protective equipment to wear while testing, training for drive-through testing sites, workflow designed in part by Google, sample collection and transfer of the specimen, and more.

The online screening and onsite program is the result of a collaboration between Verily’s Project Baseline team of engineers, scientists, clinical operations specialists, and more, and the California Department of Public of Health, California Department of Health and Human Services, California Office of Emergency Services and county and city departments of public health.

The goal of the Baseline COVID-19 program is to enable centralized testing and screening, avoid data entry time and errors, expedite test procedures, provide results quickly, and provide educational guidance.

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