Marketers Lack Unified View Of The Customer, Survey Shows

Brands have varying degrees of confidence in their customer experience efforts, judging by 2020 State Of Customer Journey Management & CX Measurement, a global study by Pointillist, a provider of customer journey analytics software.

The problems begin with data and measurement. For instance, 49% are dissatisfied with their ability to quantify the impact of CX on hard business metrics.

Moreover, 67% have not integrated cross-channel data into a unified view of the customer. And 31% have no access to cross-channel data at all.

Pointillist surveyed 1,050 CX, analytics, customer care and marketing professionals, dividing them into three categories based on satisfaction with their performance: 

  • Underperformers – 26%
  • Average performers – 48%
  • High performers – 26%

They can also be separated based on investment: 50% of high performers increased their CX budget in 2020, vs. only 23% of underperformers and 34% average performers



Of the high performers, 71.8% say they are effective at engaging customers with the right experiences at the right times through the preferred channels, vs. 29.9% of average performers and 9.7% of underperformers. 

In addition, the different levels rate themselves as follows: 

Integrating data across all tools and sources into a single, unified view of the customer journey: 

  • high — 66.3%
  • average — 22.2%
  • low — 8.4% 

Analyzing multiple customer interactions:

  • high — 74.8%
  • average — 28%
  • low — 10.4% 

There are similar differentials when it comes to email tracking. 

For instance, 27% of the higher performers can connect email behavior with that of one or two other channels and 32% can link email with three-plus other channels.

In contrast, 30% of the average performers can connect email with one or two channels, and only 11% can do so with three or more. And a mere 18% of the low performers can tie email to one or two channels, and 5% to three-plus.

In this, email ranks only behind Voice of the Customer feedback, call center or IVR and product or service usage.

Overall, 13% do not track email behavior, the lowest rate of tracking among channels -- and 14% do so but say the data is siloed, and that they lack access. Another 31% track email, but in isolation from other channels, 25% can connect it to one or more channels, and 15% can connect it to three or more.

The top CX challenges are: 

  • Quantifying customer experience ROI 
  • Breaking down organizational data silos 
  • Generating actionable insights quickly 
  • Establishing a customer-first culture
  • Measuring customer experience

Measurement remains a problem for many, the top challenges being: 

  • Lacking a single view of the customer and customer journey 
  • Generating actionable insights quickly, in real-time 
  • Lacking sufficient internal time or resources
  • Lacking access to siloed data across multiple sources 
  • Lacking the right tools or technology to collect and/or analyze data

The most frequently captured customer experience metrics are:

  • Net Promoter Score NPS) — 63% 
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) — 54% 
  • Customer Retention or Churn Rate — 41% 
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) — 31%
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) — 30% 
  • Return on Investment (ROI)--26%
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) — 21% 
  • Revenue or Profit Growth — 20% 
  • Conversion Rates — 18%
  • Upsell, Cross-Sell, or Repeat Purchases — 16%
  • Cost of Serving Customers — 10% 
  • Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) — 9% 
  • Channel Containment Rate — 3%


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  1. Robin Caller from LOLA GROVE, May 20, 2020 at 4:18 a.m.

    Given how easy it is to achieve, why do marketers not implement ways to synch more? 

    Are they busy trying to boil the ocean? Do they not know how easy it is to consolidate data these days?

    Are people trying to implement the 'smart' solution,when they would be quicker if they just tried to be 'smart enough'?

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