Takashi Takeda Leaves Google To Set Up DoubleVerify Japan Business

Takashi Takeda left Google to join DoubleVerify to launch and lead its digital media measurement business in Japan.

A 30-year media industry executive, Takeda was formerly a director at Google Japan, heading its Creative Solutions and Partnerships business unit. He also was the former president and CEO of DDB Japan, and previously worked for JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Data & Programmatic Insider caught up with Takeda to talk about media in Japan, goals for the year, and some of the challenges he sees ahead as the world recovers from COVID-19.

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Data & Programmatic Insider:  Why did you accept the position at DoubleVerify and what do you hope to accomplish this year?

Takashi Takeda:  I have always respected DoubleVerify’s commitment to building a better industry. I have met many people at DV who share a genuine passion for that, and I was inspired by their culture. This is collectively in line with my personal passion to help the Japanese ad industry become more sophisticated. 



My goal at DV is to ensure the Japanese advertising industry can enjoy the same level of technological advancements and quality services as is available around the globe, and to explore ways the industry can maximize their marketing and media ROI.

My first-year goal is to work with ad industry bodies like JAA and JIAA to introduce DV, our unique services, and bring in innovative trends we’re seeing outside Japan.

D&PI:  What are the challenges based on COVID-19 and how do you hope to solve them?

Takeda:  The global pandemic has impacted everything -- from the way we work to how our free time is spent and how and if companies advertise. Brands are scrutinizing where their ads appear during the crisis, and how they adequately balance brand suitability and scale, while still supporting trusted news outlets.

DV’s tools and technology are designed to help make this easier for advertisers. Our role is to educate and support brands as they realign their strategies and position themselves to successfully adapt to the new normal.

D&PI:  What keeps you up at night in terms of business and why?

Takeda:  DV Japan is setting up operations from the ground up in this unique market with a great deal of potential. We are working hard on critical building blocks, including hiring the right talent and leadership to support advertisers in Japan.

I am faced with new challenges both big and small every day, but also new ideas for how to bring quality, value, and efficiency to media buyers in Japan. While these thoughts may keep me up some nights, it is only because of the opportunity they represent.   

D&PI:  What is the best piece of advice you have heard during your career?

Takeda:  James Web Young, an advertising industry legend and a JWT alumnus, once said: "An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements."

We tend to think that great ideas and creativity must come from a genius, but he said that new ideas and innovations are the mere combinations of existing things, and they can come from anyone. Since then, I strive to be an "ideas person" in whatever I'm pursuing, and while I have not met James in person, he is an inspiration.

D&PI:  Did you always think you would go into advertising, or was there another profession you wanted as a kid in grade school?

Takeda:  I wanted to be an astronaut or pilot when I was a kid. If given two choices -- astronauts or mission controllers -- I would choose to be the astronaut.

Just like an Astronaut in business, I always stay on the front line, engaging with customers, listening to their real challenges and providing the best solutions.

D&PI: Are you reading any books and if so, how does the plot relate to your business style?

Takeda:  I am reading Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell. I have not finished reading it, but it’s definitely a fascinating book about "The Coach" who is a legend.

Advertising is a people business and helping people grow is absolutely essential.

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