National Brands Need To Act Local As Consumers Rethink Priorities Due to COVID-19

Getting a glimpse of how routines have changed and consumers now think about community can give brand marketers insight into campaign messages -- especially now as people begin to think differently about their communities.

Despite the increase of online orders since the COVID-19 pandemic began, findings from a recent Nextdoor survey suggest there is a movement to improve neighborhoods and save local businesses — local restaurants, local grocery stores, local pet supplies and other local services.

People are thinking more about rebuilding communities and there are five phases of the Rise of Local, per the data. Those phases include Relying on neighbors for support, Reinvest in home and self, Reconnect with community, Rethink business as usual, and Remain loyal to local.

The Nextdoor Insights report shows that 46% of members believe their neighbors have had a positive impact on their community during the past few months, and 84% of people now feel they have a neighbor to rely on.



Kindness became essential as shelter-in-place mandates were put into place. Since then Nextdoor began to see a 140% increase of meaningful connections among neighbors, from sending private messages to engaging in group conversations. Some 35% have shared essential supplies.

Neighbors are turning to each other for information about supplies, local businesses, and public services. Over a third of members have shared essential resources with one another, showing that neighbors now play a more important role in their lives.

Some 27% of members say they plan to exercise at home more frequently, while 72% plan to frequent local businesses more often as communities emerge from the crisis. About 30% of local businesses say they have changed the original products and services offered.

To stay afloat, businesses have had to get creative. Some 30% say they changed the original products and services offered.

Neighbors have continued to support these businesses through the purchase of gift cards, curbside pickup or delivery, and organizing fundraisers. In return, many local businesses are giving back whatever they can to help frontline workers, local charities, and neighbors in need.

24 Hour Fitness, for example, is giving members either a 90-day gift membership to give to a friend or family member or a one-year buddy pass that allows the member to bring along a friend for a year.

Despite tough times, neighbors remain loyal to local.

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