Google Prepares To Enforce Tracking Policy In August

Google will begin enforcing a policy that prohibits the promotion of products or services marketed or targeted with purpose of tracking or monitoring another person or their activities without their authorization.

Enforcement will begin on August 11, 2020.

Today, the policy focuses on any promotions of products or services designed to enable dishonest behavior and applies to the creation of fake or false documents such as passports or diplomas; selling numbers such as credit privacy numbers that mimic the appearance of national identification cards; or selling false user activity including invalid clicks, reviews, or social media endorsements.

The policy is being updated to include products and services such as spyware and technology used for surveillance such as spyware and malware that can be used to monitor texts, phone calls, or browsing history; GPS trackers specifically marketed to spy or track someone without their consent; promotion of surveillance equipment including cameras, audio recorders, dash cams and nanny cams marketed with the purpose of spying.



Marketers can find the update in the Google Ads Enabling Dishonest Behavior policy, which will clarify restrictions on advertising for spyware and surveillance technology.

This does not include private investigation services or products or services designed for parents to track or monitor their underage children.

A warning will be issued at least seven days prior to any suspension of the account.

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