Sailthru Offers A New Testing Engine For Retailers And Publishers

Sailthru, a personalized marketing automation provider, has invested in a new testing capability that it says will help publishers and retailers test and segment at scale.

Using Sailthru’s machine-learning based methodology, the platform “adds automation and scale that increases the number of tests and the effectiveness of tests,” states Monica Deretich, retail advisor at Sailthru. 

In addition, the new product allows users to “deploy testing as a continuous state, rather than a one-off activity,” adds Cody Bunea, vice president of product at Sailthru.

This will help retailers focused on retaining customers through the holiday season and the COVID-19 pandemic, and publishers investing in owned media, including email, websites and mobile apps, the firm claims.

The new testing engine will automatically learn and update testing rules, it adds.  

Moreover, marketers can test up to five variations simultaneously, using Sailthru’s Overlays product, Sailthru adds. This will help them find the right mix of copy and design, Sailthru says.

Users can also track and measure views, clicks and conversions, using Sailthru’s analytics capability. 

The company expects to roll out the new testing infrastructure across channels in future releases to supplement its existing testing capabilities in email and mobile channels.



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