Nielsen To Launch Identity Graph ID Measurement System In 2021

Following the trend of other ad-technology and media measurement companies, Nielsen is starting up its own identity graph product -- an ID resolution system -- for cross-media measurement.

The trend in using ID measurement comes as more media companies move away from device-based digital cookies.

An identity graph is a database of “identities” that could include email, user name, phone number, IP address, physical address, as well as demographic, geographic, behavioral, and purchase data.

Nielsen says its ID system -- based on people-based data sets -- will help transition measurement in an increasingly fragmented media world that includes data erosion.

To “reconcile” with other first-party ID efforts, Nielsen will be working with The Trade Desk, the big demand-side advertising platform, and its industry-wide Unified ID 2.0 effort.



Nielsen's ID system will “underpin” Nielsen existing audience and outcomes measurement products, supporting cross-media platforms, including digital media. Nielsen says its ID system will include:

1. Ecosystem Connectivity. Integrating information from publishers and advertisers “associated” with actual people and the devices they use over time. This data will not come from device IDs or browser/apps.

2. Nielsen ID: Nielsen will use its current measurement panels to correct biases, and combine data across various data sources in a “privacy-centric” manner.

3. Machine-Learning Models: Nielsen's proprietary machine-learning models will integrate data across environments for accuracy, comparability and representation.

Nielsen says as it continues to combine linear and addressable TV, as well as digital data assets onto a single platform, its ID product will scale measurement for all premium video across all media.

Nielsen is working with the MRC in securing audience measurement standards for its ID system -- which looks to roll out its U.S. launch early in the first quarter of 2021.

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